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Video Production

Video Production covers a wide range of services. In our Milwaukee video studio and production facility, we can create in house video in our 2,000 square foot production floor and sound stage.

We can also shoot on location, where bring our production on the road to your location. Either in our video studio and production facility or on location, our video expertise is evident in the many styles and disciplines of video production we offer.

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Our experience ranges from commercial video studio production for the business and corporate world and digital cinema for independent film makers, to music videos and event videos for clients involved in the performing arts. Hi-end video production in today’s world requires advanced skills in areas such as chroma key production and lighting. It also requires the availability of props, sets and camera stabilization systems, which we design and build in the TBC Studios Custom Shop.

Whether we shoot video in house or on location, our state of the art video studio facility and editing suite is where our final product is realized. 

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