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- Where do I start? -

You probably have a concept in your head on what your needs are. The next step is to try to get your ideas on paper.

Do you have a Script? This is always a great first place to start. Next you try to turn it into a story board, with notes on what scenes you think you want. Are you going to use your staff? Or do you need to bring in Actors? Do you have any stock footage you want to incorporate? Will your production be an on-site shooting? If so, is there a specific time that will be more conducive to filming? Do you have special unique needs? For example, we did a shoot of horses at a show for Visser Reining where we had to be set up in a very dusty environment... but we can handle that with special water proof, and dust proof housing for our gear!

After you have roughed out your plan, contact us so we can take your outline and put a plan of action together so you can achieve your goals. And of course, we will be happy to help at any step along this path, so don't hesitate to call us today.

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